An open letter


To the persons who destroyed the cats food and water bowls between October 21-22, 2016 in Westminster, CA I know who you are and this passive aggressive attempt at bullying me FAILED!!!!

I thought about knocking on your door to educate you in person, but in my 50 years I’ve come to accept that there are people who are receptive and others who just love to argue and fight with everyone….lol  and lady you come across as one of those unapproachable close minded arguementive women who is just looking for a fight and life’s too short for yours or anyone else’s stupid bullshit to entertain.

Instead of being hateful and ignorant try having compassion for others and learn the reason why I chose to start feeding these cats over a year ago and if that is too much for your little mind to grasp, then try minding your own fucking business because what I am doing is not illegal, does not cost you a dime, its not causing you or anyone else physical harm,  nor will I ever STOP FEEDING THEM.

 Its a choice I ALONE MADE.

By the way those so called “stray cats” you referred to are the end result when a couple of other idiots thought it would be a good idea to leave their un-spayed cat behind when they moved away from Sutton Place where I had also lived. I’ve been feeding and caring for them since they were two months old after animal control refused to come out and collect them when they were young enough to socialize for adoption.

Those “stray cats” had the following procedures done this past year and was paid for by the Animal Assistance League Of Orange County.

TNR aka Trapped-Neutered-Returned


Ear tipped

In case you are not aware feral cats are being used in many urban areas throughout the country as RODENT CONTROL. In fact there used to be quite a few mice that I personally saw along the back fence of the apartments back in 2015. Don’t believe me go ask the nice couple downstairs about the mice,  “stray cats” and please mention me by name. 🙂  So try being nice or feel free to reach out to me ( and ill come talk to you in person like most adults do.

Thanks Clarissa